JS/UNIX - JoeVlabs Desktop Terminal

> open terminal 

JS/UNIX is an UN*X-like OS for the JoeVlabs Desktop environment.
Most users will simply want to login with registered name or "guest"
user name.

The keyboard accepts the US-ASCII character set.
As key-mapping depends from your browser, you may have to use
the cursor and backspace buttons at the lower right of the
terminal. A complete keyboard can be accessed at the lower left.

Compatibility: Netscape 4+, MS IE 4+ and DOM-aware browsers.

Alternate key mappings (may depend on system and browser): 
    CTRL + SHIFT + [KEYPAD]<4> for left
    CTRL + SHIFT + [KEYPAD]<6> for right
    CTRL + SHIFT + [KEYPAD]<8> for up
    CTRL + SHIFT + [KEYPAD]<2> for down
    CTRL + SHIFT + [KEYPAD]<0> for backspace.

Note/Disclaimer: No data of any kind is transmitted to any kind of
server or service.

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