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Lowest Operating Voltage Tesla Coil.

Joe Labs

Thousands of volts, With almost 0 voltage input and electricity!

I wanted to give the challenge a shot of operating a Tesla coil that works on just a single 1.5 volt DC battery. The yield of this Tesla coil produces flashes of around 1 inch long. This
test was an individual task to check whether I could get a Tesla coil working with the most little requiring current. So maybe later on with some minor adjustments I could drive it
perhaps with the encompassing energies around me and couple into those sources (Ambient and Radiant)

Here is the typical schematic of the Tesla Coil like the one I built.
Tesla Coil My high voltage source consists of a flyback type of oscillator circuit. Secured and sealed in black module.
Based on a simple flyback circuit such as the one I used with the "Fruit High Voltage Experiment" My input source power is just one AA half dead battery. I'm able to get a 1kv
spark gap with this setup.

Building the Tesla coil high impedance secondary was simple. I just used what ever I had around as a core and wound as many turns of insulated copper wire. I did not bother with
trying to calculate the optimal L/C values before hand. I wanted to keep things very simple. Tuning was done simply by adjusting the top capacitor hat dimensional lengths. Until
I got the best spark. This indicates the strongest point of resonance. Without needing any fancy tools or lab test equipment.

looking at this chart. I can estimate the total output voltage at the top of the secondary coil to be over 15 thousand
volts. Not bad for an input of just 1.5 volts driving a 1kv flyback oscillator.


Spark Gap    Flyback Driver         Spark 1 inch
 Spark Gap Next To Primary Winding                            1.5 Volt Driving Flyback 1kv generator                                    UV Light                                                  1 Inch Sparks


Tesla Coil Safety. (Good idea)

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