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Oscillating Kapagen Coil.

Joe Labs

Originally built for a high voltage experiment.

Here I am oscillating a Kapagen Coil that I built however. I'm driving it with low voltage, without a high voltage spark gap input. The backEMF 5+ volts is more then enough to charge
a singledead rechargeable battery only using 2 half dead AA input source batteries for the fly-back style oscillation to operate.

 I'm surprised this kind of a coil can self oscillate in this configuration with the kapagen coil wingdings. This coil was originally built for a previous high voltage experiment. I don't
 dis-assemble any project parts as sometimes I can use the parts for new experiments.  So far this has been running for 3 days and I have not yet noticed an apparent voltage drop on the
input voltage, Yet the dead charging up battery is having no problems accumulating a charge from the backEMF with the help of a simple diode.

When I first turned this on, I noticed a smell after one minute with the original 2n2222a! It got instantly red hot and I burn it out! Interesting effect with such little input. So I replaced with
the metal case version of the 2n2222a (TO-18) And used my screw driver as a crude heat sink as it gets hot to the touch now but does not burn out. After this observation I was sure that
after a few hours this device would stop working. As from what I know when transistors run "hot" it means there's plenty of work going on. Plenty of work meaning very much current draw.
After 3 days and still this heat and no drop in input voltage is indeed interesting. Where is the heat coming from?  High voltage from the backEmf pulse and what ever that sharp pulse brings
back  into the circuit from the local ambient as "feedback" into the transistor as it runs hot may be a little "too" much feedback. But a special feed back that does not seem to linger the input
drive very much or at all. And so far is also charging a dead battery from the back Emf. More experiment in the works with this configuration.

Here is the coil configuration of the kapagen coil.
Of course for this experiment. I'm not using a M.O.T or a high
voltage spark gap. Instead I'm driving it as a simple flyback feedback oscillator. Like a single transistor joule thief circuit but with the Kapagen coil configuration wingdings as seen
in the photo. I connected the 20-30T and 6T coils in the center and feed my positive power from this center point.  The other side of the 6T also connected to the emitter of NPN
2N2222A transistor. And the other side of the 20-30T to a base resistor and then to the base of the transistor for free running oscillator. This configuration ironically oscillates right
in the middle of the AM broadcast band a fairly stable "dead" RF carrier that I can tune all around the house!!

Now what makes this a little different verses the typical joule thief circuit such as seen in the photo bellow.
Juile Thief
          Circuit We have in my case the extra 80-90T coil winding that is very well connected to this circuit.
 This is why I was surprised that the 2N2222a was able to self oscillate without any strange occurrences. If this coil also induces a magnetic field. all those extra winding equal more
 inductance. This would result in a much sharper high voltage spike at some point. This might explain some of my heat but that is not the complete answer to this phenomena.

But wait look at those wingdings! It looks like we get a "Cross" 90 degree canceling effect.  How ever. The ratio is not even so it does not cancel "all" the feedback but some. Now for
some Tesla fun. Tesla noticed very well this special canceling effect and noted about it. He could crank hundreds and hundreds of volts and get nothing but some heat.  With a 0 volt
reading on the other side of this coils canceling effect on the AC cycle pulses. 

I did some research on this subject of this canceling effect and found ample supporting documentation. If this interests you. I recommend doing a Google search on the "caduceus coil"
that winds back on itself at 90 degrees. There are various configurations possible. The image below shows the most simple form.
Caduceus Coil So looking back at my setup. The canceling effect is there but not complete. Tesla noticed a side effect to this.

-The more voltage you put into it. The stronger the coil excites nearby gravity waves or in other terms emits torsion fields.  This was what Tesla based his single
wire transmission principles on.  He called them scalar waves. The interesting phenomena with scalar radiation is how it penetrates all universes simultaneously
according to quantum physics. And also speeds up time locally within the coils "cross" points at the magnetic level. So in terms of science we can say we have
the very first primitive step of a "time machine" Very interesting.

I wanted to research more about this topic and it lead me to the "Philadelphia" experiment. I know please don't laugh. Bare with me and let me explain! It looks like
just a few years ago the CIA freedom of information Vault released  DE-classified loads of information that was beforehand secret and classified. To find the
information. On the CIA vault site. You must search the terms. "Aquatone" and "Project Rainbow" Prepare to have a long evening free! I will include those
CIA links at the bottom of this page for your convenience.

So what did I learn?

Well to sum it up as short as I can. The military at the time was experimenting with new methods of invisibility and weapon camouflage. They reasoned that by
using Tesla like technologies to generate loads of high voltages, That could bombard various  'M-State" elements with scalar or torsion fields. This would cause an
interesting reaction depending on what M-state element and frequency pulse width, duration etc was used to conduct the various experiments.

This was almost like a sacred art of a new form of alchemy. You where able to create interesting nearby effects aka "magic" without knowing or dipping one
toe into the occult or needing to make friends or deal or take control of  "demons"

By the way we can arguably say that the "occult" brain is simply folks who have a better tuned natural "scalar" brain. There is plenty of information on the scalar
brain and how our brains can produce scalar waves at the micro level. As I mentioned before. Since scalar operates in all universes "infinity" simultaneously  It is
how some people can dip naturally into those "Abilities" This leads all the way to anti gravity. teleportation. And levitation as well. 

There are frequencies in the brain like a "radio tuner" .  There are various claims that some have made. That they can do with the "paranormal" brain. I'm not
going to list every paranormal story here. You can Google it yourself if the paranormal is something that you enjoy reading about. 

Anyhow. Perhaps the 1 mutant out of 1 million people are wired this way in the brain for super scalar. But not so much the average person. But we all operate at
 the scalar level somewhat. And can better develop and refine it. This is Just how our left and right brains are wired.

But If you don't have the rare amplified ability naturally. You may also not have the lifetime to devote to "occult" and or  meditation to get you there.So the
military found a shortcut. Quantum Physics.

And in the world of quantum physics if you can get away with it. Why not. If it can accomplish the task. In this case for invisibility and weapon camouflage.
The issue with the quantum world is we understand very little of it and only dipped the first possibly 1 percent of what needs to be known. And if it really is a
dimension of "infinity"  We may never know absolutely everything about it. Like electricity. But nothing stops us from utilizing it. If we can learn to manipulate
and move some of the energy systems contained within the quantum vacuum.

But it does not stop there. The military gave everything they could to this experiment. The effects of scalar waves are not limited to just suddenly providing 
super conductivity and super capacitance at the right "setting"

It was very interesting for me to read a letter from a General that is being told from one of his superiors how to deal with regular authorized personnel such as
those who maintain and those who provide shipments.  They have some clearance to enter some areas and they can see some things. The General was told to
make a clever story that the reason they where heating up all these various elements and had all this "equipment" nearby was to test for super conductivity
when an element was brought to super heat. This was the lines of the story he was ordered to say to them. It's so funny how they lie within each others ranks!
But the real reason and this was outlines as well. They where testing the heat as this temporary produces interesting effects mixed in with the scalar
bombardment against various test elements "electrical conductors" Again it was all about trying to hide. The final military goal of this experiment.

So at the end. The "Philadelphia" experiment was ruled as a military project a failure and apparently they never looked back. The two main reason
oulined in the various documents state that the operating expenses and resources for such a project was vast even for the military. And the second issue
as many of us already knew is the duration of isolation for these types of missions. And apparently these caused such an issue with crew well being. It
Was reported and noted regularly. It almost looks like at some point in time the General was bullied into "putting" up with it just a little while longer.

As far as a scientific success. The project succeeded at what they wanted. invisibility.  But the cost for such was just too vast. Even for the military to
consider adapting as a technology. As a result the whole thing was scrapped. *apparently

Reading more into this. They list much of their research but I'm sure most of the juicy stuff is still well "hidden" I learned about what some elements can do
under the influence of the right scalar condition.  It was interesting to learn how the electron of the iron verses the election of copper acts differently and how
energy is manipulated at the atomic level. And how that can change with heat. There are reactions depending on element and frequency.  Because of this.
 What I learned from the CIA vault, Reading about their project.  I decided to modify my kapagen "Core" accordingly.

The Core

I built something like the gimmick coax capacitor. I used a LMR-400 coax. thinking of the copper center, and the braid.  2 different elements that I choose
to use knowing it can react interestingly with scalar waves. I shorted out one ends braid to the center pin. Left the other side open. This provides a crude
additional L/C stage. At the right frequency that coax becomes a resonant super capacitor. This aids in performance.

My Kapagen Coil modification.


              Simple 2n2222A flyback oscillator                                                                                                       The Kapagen Coil in action


Going further:

My experiments using the kapagen coil evolved into this device. I call it the ambient power amplifier.

Ambient Power

Note that the output I was able to get with this was around 24 volts DC with a current of around 25ma. The flyback section drives the VT with around 150 thousand volts. My high frequency "Tesla"
coil steps this back down to usable voltages. It is not the most practical amount of accumulated energy to use. But it is something and it was an interesting learning experience.

Here is a photo of the VT glowing in the dark running on this circuit.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The vacuum tube most likely emitting "soft" X-ray.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ionizing radiation. This is a cold cathode reaction.

The high voltage from the flyback stage is there. however there is not much current to it. It's almost electrostatic.
 With very little input source, The ambient. It's not bad at all. That at the end. I'm able to get 24 volts DC 25ma.

Note: I live 1/2 mile from some high power radio towers. I'm positive that this plays a role in the success of this circuit as well. I need to test this in an isolated environment. I lack the
funds for such an undertaking at the moment. Feel like helping? haha!


There is really something here to study and experiment with the utilization of scalar and gravity waves. We should spend more time together learning and sharing about this quantum

Imagine if we had a "map" of every frequency setting and what it did lets say to every M-state element or living thing in this universe. We would know how to work with anti-gravity.
Warp drive, teleportation and more! Quantum physics is still a very much infinite unknown. I would like to learn and experiment more if I could!

Now as far as what some folks have been able to achieve with this including myself. I really do believe that we are indeed tapping into the infinite vacuum with these scalar coil devices.
The high voltages and high frequencies are needed and produce at "random" the moving of what appears to us as a gain of energy. We don't as of yet really know why or how. Again if we
had that "map" it would perhaps make things a little easier to understand. But who knows what the side effects are from such a "crude" experiment. Since this is not refined what so ever.

Could an advanced civilization see these types of experiments as a universal contaminant?  Similar to how we banned Spark communications because of the vast wide-band "global" noise.
Maybe folks like us are not making a group someplace somewhere very impressed and may have to fix "patch" the mess like a big pot hole left in the middle of the road from our experiments.
We got here what appears to us as a source of  "free" energy. But at what expense? Energy can only be moved. It can not be destroyed or created.

Just because we currently fail to observe what is going on the other "Side"  If it makes anyone feel better. In all the years I been experimenting with scalar. I have yet to receive some strange
phone call or some strange in person confrontation. So I guess that is a good thing for now!



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