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Iot Now in Timmins.

Joe Labs

Thanks to TheThingsNetwork(Ttn) Timmins Gateway.

The Internet Of Things is now in our very own province of Ontario. I am proud to say that I am the founder of the Timmins Network. Inspired by the increasing traffic usage down south.
Just taking a look at the IOT community maps. We can see that IOT is trending well! Here is an example post of a community announcement of IOT expansions. More reasons why we are
working hard to bring IOT to Timmins and area. with the help of the TTN network.

Our mission is to provide the city of Timmins with Internet of Things data connectivity by crowdsourcing the network by its citizens and local companies. We are happy to have you join the
community. Contact the core team and help us unleash the Internet of Things in Timmins.

Where To Order Your IOT loRaWAN Gateway And Things?

Looking for devices and things to operate on the network might be tricky for some folks. Perhaps you just want to know what the starting prices are? Well it turns out that Ebay Canada has
many listings! Please check it out for yourself.

I also found Amazon to be a great resource for various loRaWAN devices and things. If you have an Amazon Canada account. It might be worth while doing a search on amazon for IOT or
loRaWan keyword combinations!

Let's build this together. In Timmins!

The Things Indoor Gateway is available right now In Canada

Are you looking for the Things Indoor Gateway in Canada? Here's where to get it!


Initial IOT ttn Gateways For Timmins

We have made some determinations as to the best areas we can put our gateways.

It looks like we will cover mostly the Industrial/Mining half of the City to start. We hope to quickly expand from this point. Of course Gateway locations may change last minute without notice
as this is all ran by people like me and you. Most are doing this for free, Offering their time and expertise. With that said looking at the map will show you a general idea of what area will first
be covered once operations begin!

Please join us and thank you for your support! Just telling a friend will really help this project.

Map Of Network Coverage.


Timmins TTN Network Official Page

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