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Joe Labs

Science, High Voltage And electricity!

A kind hello to the world. This is my personal home page where I outline some of my experiments and share my findings with the world. I'm an amateur scientist. Inventor and ham
operator. I work and research mostly at home. I have built this site to show other folks what I like. What my hobbies are. And perhaps along the way.  Some of my information and work
can be of interesting value.

I'm now 35 years old. I have been into science and electronics since I can remember as a child. I did not play with toys like the other boys. Instead, I kept myself busy with radio tuners,
Antenna placements and Radio Shack kits. I enjoyed science class in High School and did very well with a project of demonstrating the scientific capabilities of "Wireless Networking"
Along with a working demonstration long before "Wifi" was even a thing! Ah the good old days! I operate out of a small city called Timmins in Ontario Canada.

I hope this page and the resources I share here. Can be of good information. I have no problems with questions or help if I can! All general inquires should be directed towards my social
media accounts. I rather not leave personal information out in the open online such as my email address and direct contact info. I am very active on social media and should get to you
no later then 24 hours. 

*Please don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Subscribe to my YouTube channel as to help stay current with what is going on around here.                                 



Table Of Contents

-Radio And Communications

Bullet Internet Of Things Now In Timmins

Bullet Experiments With Narrow Band Television.

Bullet HackRF ATV Analog TV Station Experiments

Bullet Faxing Voice And Music Clips

Bullet Ham Radio And Broadcasting Projects

-Electricity And High Voltage

Bullet  My method of multiplication of wattage, powering a load stage by the process
of natural systems. 80 watts in. 2.1 kw out.

Bullet LED As Negative Resistance

Bullet High Voltage From Fruits

Bullet  Radiant Energy Power Backup System

Bullet  Self Oscillating Kapagen Coil ( Interesting Method Of Moving Energy)

Bullet Lowest Input Voltage Tesla Coil  (15 kv output!)

Bullet  Simple medium power high voltage power supply
Bullet  Condenser and a Van De Graaff (Spark Gap Transmitter)

Bullet Green Energy production with household chemistry