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Simple medium power high voltage power supply.

Joe Labs

Fit to be ventured up with something fascinating, for example, a Tesla coil power supply.

It is easy to see that building a simple high voltage power supply with parts just laying around is not that difficult. The goal was to accomplish the task of producing a medium current
high voltage spark gap power supply. The simplicity comes with a price. This kind of circuit has no control over oscillating frequency or pulse width. The oscillator is free running.

The flyback joule thief circuit. The high voltage feedback is what keeps an LED blinking when a battery appears "dead" I reasoned that it should be easy to build a much more
powerful version by just up sizing the components. So lets take a look at the basic circuit diagram of a "joule thief".
Joule Thief
          CircuitSo all I needed was a much bigger coil. I pulled out of an old UPS Backup. I also
needed a 1K ohm resistor that could handle at lease 25 watts. Instead of a battery. I used an old 24 volts DC dell laptop power supply for input power. For my NPN transistor.
I just used any generic low frequency general switching NPN power transistor I had laying around. You simply need to look up the transistor and make sure what ever your
DC power supply is. That the NPN transistor you choose can handle what ever voltage your salvaged DC power supply is rated for. The feedback is connected in parallel with
the primary winding of an old CRT high voltage flyback transformer I was able to use.  The high voltage side of the flyback is what feeds this big noisy spark gap.


Spark Gap   Flyback Transformer 
     Spark Gap High Voltage                                                       High current flyback  transformer                                          Full setup. The High Voltage flyback oscillator working.


Caution High Voltage alert! If you are going to try anything like this. Please be safe and follow all common sense safety precautions. If you don't know
much about high voltage. I highly recommend doing a "Google" search and educate yourself with all the dangers. High voltage can do UN-expected "tricks" that could be lethal.

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