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Radiant Energy Power Backup System.

Joe Labs

Because sometimes solar and wind is just not enough!

Tesla had many patents on how to use ambient radiant energy. He built many oscillators and switching devices around his ideas. From his various patents. It makes it look like
we need big antennas at thousands of feet to get any good "usable" energy. With my own experiments, I found out that using the atmosphere, to ring the right combination of Capacitor
Inducer circuits (L/C ringing) Those oscillations can be made of interesting usage at even a few feet of height. (couple volts AC)

I did notice. If you want more then a few volts. The more height is better and great distance earth ground loops are a need, A must.

How it works is based on a radio like circuit.
Antenna 1 and antenna 2 must be spaced as far as possible. Placed as high off the ground as you can. The antenna needs to have an internal or external L/C shunt circuit. Most antennas
come per-tuned to ring at a designated frequency and will have those static values built in.

The idea is to also form the biggest underground loop with the ground. So we can utilize the earths low frequency random telluric currents as well. Those can be very random and
strong!! By spacing the antennas as far possible apart, Combined with the most height. Will determine your max current potentials.

For me right here in Timmins. I just have the 2 antennas 70 feet apart, with only a height of 25 to 35 feet. With the help of the variable tuning stage of L1 and C1 parts. ( Tesla lead
us to believe you need thousands of feet in elevation such as hanging antenna wires from a balloon) You can fine tune the device for max peak every couple of days as the earths ring
oscillations also slightly vary with the days.We want to phase with those as well.

The whole idea is to get the local oscillator circuit to ring. As long as we can maintain random input spikes from the ambient, It's like pushing a swing once every random X time
it gets back near you. Missing a few shots here and there but it don't matter Swing momentum keeps going,

The circuit L/C will phase loop and oscillate at the tuned frequency and keep going on and on resonate on its ring tone.
We rectify these oscillating (changes) electrons to get voltage and current. I'm able to charge my bank of double 12 volt car batteries hooked up in parallel to a 4kw AC inverter.
This can run my apartment on battery backup and charge at night hours when not in usage. Without the need for wind or solar light, using this device.

If I could get the two antennas near 1000 feet in the air. I might just need a simple circuit to switch that current and be able to run "direct" at 110 volts or close to that from such
height. With many live watts.

Another method of extracting even more watts out of this. Would be to short out the tuned L/C circuit at the proper variable timing, for some even more interesting  energy effects.
I just have not figured out such a "complicated" controller as of yet to experiment with that. Still in the works! Experimenting never stops here.

Here is the circuit diagram of the system.
              Battery Charger This is a rather simple "radio" like tuner L/C circuit.


                                                                                                                                                                                                            A Thank you to Larry Lomenzo For Providing
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Me With The Inverter To Experiment. I'm poor! :) 
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