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I have worked with a few software examples. For those wondering. The Windows program software, I use is called "The Big Picture" Look it up on Google for different types and
other fun NBTV instruments with some great historic vibe.

As you can tell from the screenshots. The video quality of NBTV is not that great. But it works indeed and can be used with "audio" not just with ham radio HF rigs. You can use
NBTV over an analog phone line as a proof of concept. Or record a clip to a cassette audio. You can even go as far as "printing" the NBTV audio waveform onto a 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       vinyl record.

I tried this on an old HF ham radio. I had no direct audio mic "line" input. So I was able to open up radio mic and modify it with the addition of an external mic wire.
This is a quick and "dirty" fix. If your audio is too low or too high you may need to change the input impedance. From low to
high or vice versa. If you don't have ant fancy audio type of transformers or fancy box. You can scrap just about any old AC mains wall mount transformer. As such.

All you need is the transformer. I'm a geek so I saved the capacitor and rectifier diodes. However that is not
required. Just use the transformers Primary side or Vice versa and hock up the radio mic input to the other side of this transformer and. If audio is too high or too
low. Simply reverse the sides. ( The two connecting points where the plug sits is considered the "primary side") But that might not matter so much with audio.
Just operate the side that works best for you. You won't get the exact "correct" impedance" its a quick fix and it works fair.


                     As you can observe. The quality is not the optimal. But is usable.
It is in "real-time"   No lag like
waiting for a SSTV photo. You
get real video like on analog TV!

Video Demonstrations:




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Freenbtv - new NBTV generation software

  Early Television Techniques. (The Big Picture Software)

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