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High Voltage From Fruits.

Joe Labs

My experiments with fruit "Batteries" and similar.

Truly you can get a lot higher voltage with a couple of lemons, No untruths. You can even change it over to AC and step it up. Then rectify high voltage DC. As a result. Produce flash.
My next task. Remain tuned here, as I attempt to light fire with lemon utilizing comparable techniques! So far I have been able to step the voltage up as high as 30 volts with just a few
lemons using a simple flyback type of oscillator. I was lazy and just used one that was already built taken appart from a dollar store fly zapper. Here is a typical schematic of such a
flyback system. Very basic and generic. Only requiring a few parts. So maybe this is "cheating" a little. I will leave that determination up to you!

The fly zapper I used. Also has the 2N2222 transistor arrangement. The fly zapper circuit also include
a high voltage diode rectifier And capacitor stage for high voltage DC fly zapping.


Fruit Power                  
                                                                                     Bug Zapper Flyback Driver                  Scope Waveform flyback Oscillation                        Reading 30 volts


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