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Faxing Voice And Music Clips.

Joe Labs

With a regular fax image in low resolution gray scale.!

Audio information for a song in visual representation embedded inside a SSTV or FAX graphic. An interesting way to share audio via a static graphic. Talking postcards.

You can encode over 12 seconds of good quality audio such as a mp3 audio voice or melody clip as part of a graphic file that looks like a bar code strip. Containing the audio waveform

The audio quality is not bad. Bat also not super.  I had to resize and shrink the waveform image by %50 percent in order to fit a 12 second "strip" in an SSTV resolution image file.
To my surprise this works. This did not effect audio quality much! I was able to downsize the image another 50% and still get good audio. Not perfect but well audible. So this method
has some tolerance for some noise. You just need to experiment with the knobs in Photosounder application to "tune" into the best quality sound you can get. This would work even better
in digital SSTV modes.

Hear it for yourself and be the judge in the video demo below.






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