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HackRF ATV Analog TV Station Experiments On Ham Radio.

Joe Labs

How the HackRF worked out for this task!

HackRF ATV Analog TV Station Experiments On Ham. I tried various TV modes with HackRF SDR radio transceiver. First I did testing to the unit for basic transmit. Then worked
my way up to still SSTV images, Then experimentd on various bands. Then moved on to old analog TV. I experimented with a handheld television to receive my signals around the house.
Then I moved on to live Television on 40 meters Ham. It also works. I just don't know many hams in the area to try and have a live two way conversation from a considerate distance.
That will be my next test and setup someday!

The hackRF is a interesting software defined transceiver. And they have come down in price over the last couple of years. They are now affordable even for poor folks like me! I was
able to easily find a couple of them on Ebay to experiment with at a fair price.

There is still much to lean with SDR. I am just beginning my journey with using GNU Radio. What a fully loaded system that is! For  now I have experimented with Windows software
"SDR Angel" The latest version works very well with the HackRF. The older versions had audio frame timing issues. I reported it on github and they fixed it in the later months. Thank
you SDR Angel!



The Compact HackRF SDR Unit                                                 Regular Analog ATV Transmit                                              Real time Fast Speed Narrow Band TV Decoding


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