DC CAD combines the ease and versatility of a pixel-oriented drawing program with the specialized tools and funtions of a CAD program to give you an uncommon level of control in creating schematics and double-side board layouts.

Developed originally for our own programers in-house use, DC CAD was designed to produce clear, dark, board images on his quite ordinary dot-matrix printers. Of primary concern was the degree of control of the printed image and the speed at which the display screen updates when moving around a large drawing.

You will find that DC CAD has a very good "pencil & paper" feel to it. The mouse response is adjustable to give exactly the feel you like, as this varies greatly from one individual to another. There is nothing hidded or ambiguous about the drawings you make. This is very much a "what-you-see" is " what-you-get" program.

DC CAD Electronic Board Design